Practical Noise Control Engineering

Practical Noise Control Engineering

The webcast is an online version of our Noise Control Engineering live seminar.

The world of training, as we know it, is quickly evolving, and AIA is ready to meet your needs with this high-quality, down-to-earth, practical noise control engineering training course. If you or your health, safety, and environment professionals want theory, then this is not the right course. However, if you or they want real-world information that can be applied on the job, then we are confident this course will satisfy your needs.


The course is divided into four sessions covering the fundamentals of sound generation and propagation, the principles of noise control, how to conduct a noise control survey, identify the sources, prioritize equipment for control, and details on noise control applications, all presented through a series of case histories.

For a brief 5-minute demo of the course, click here: Noise Control Engineering Demo.


Price List



Individual Registration – On demand

An Individual Registration is $125 and entitles the registrant to a one-time use/view of all four sessions. Each session may be viewed on-demand, all at once or at separate times, at the convenience of the user. Registration also includes an electronic handout of the presentation slides, access to multiple spreadsheet files and pertinent references, including dozens of useful websites for noise control and hearing loss prevention products and services.

To register and purchase the webcast as an individual, click the Buy Now button.

Multi-year, Unlimited-Use License – See Price List

An unlimited use-license entitles the licensee to full unlimited access to the webcasts for any and all plants sites or locations within the licensee’s company. At no additional cost, the course content can be linked to your internal e-learning or learning management system, and customized to your company’s look and feel. The webcasts may be viewed on-demand by a single user on a computer monitor, or by a group in a conference/training room via computer projector. Unlimited use licenses are available in one-year increments, with a minimum of two years up to a maximum of five years.

For a proposal on a multi-year unlimited use license for you or your company, email us at


Handout Material

To supplement the presentations, a handout is provided (in English). The handout is electronic, in the form of a portable-document format (pdf) file. Besides English, the presentation handout is also available in the following languages: Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai.


Instructor Question & Answer Session

For the live 30-minute Q&A session(s), the time and date(s) must be scheduled in advance and be mutually agreeable between user and instructor. The Q&A is conducted by means of a web-based question submittal application. During the webcast users key-in their questions, and then after the session they are read aloud and answered by the instructor via an audio connection.

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